Content Management

Our end to end expertise in content management make us truly unique in being one stop shop in all areas of content management. We provide software development, customization and operations support in content management systems like OpenText, Adobe AEM, Drupal, Sitecore and WordPress. We provide content creation and management services. Our media processing services include editing, cropping, retouching and color correction of photos and videos to support digital operations in fortune 100 companies. We are experts in DAM and CDN systems and can migrate content at large scale, upgrade and replace legacy with new CMS.

Search and commerce

We have deep experience in Search and commerce solutions. We architect, design and build enterprise solutions leveraging search technologies like Elastic, Solr, Endeca, Lucidworks Fusion. Our engineers stay on top of changes in search landscape to take advantage of emerging trends like intelligent or cognitive searched based on AI, tools and technologies. We are well versed with emerging AI practices in Search domain and can help our customers differentiate between science fiction and realistic AI based search capabilities and build them on a realistic timeline in a cost effective manner.

We have experience in commerce solutions provided by Magento, Mirakl, SAP Hybris and Pimcore. We decided to take advantage of our experience in commerce solutions to build a world class commerce platform for small to mid-size vendors called as UMART44, which we will launch in 4th Qtr. of 2020.

DevOps and Cloud

We truly believe that ability to work with major cloud providers like AWS, Azure, GCP has become essential to delivering technical solutions to customers. Our engineers are capable cloud practitioners with experience in architecting and building cloud native solutions as well as migrating legacy applications to cloud via either lift and shift, technology refresh or rewrite strategies.

We truly understand that DevOps is holistic approach to bridge the gap between development and operations by combing an agile mindset, collaboration and technical practices. Hence our DevOps engineers are not only well trained and experienced in latest tools and techniques but are also well coached in promoting a culture of collaboration, sharing automation and measurement at our client locations. Our customers benefit tremendously from a catalog of lessons learned by our engineers.

Application development & Digital transformation

Our team is passionate in developing world class web and mobile applications powered by microservices architecture. We have rich experience in UX, UI and restful API development. We help our customers design and develop microservices which can operate at large scale without the operational nightmare many customers have experienced as a result of sub-optimal design. Our experience with domain driven development using hexagonal architecture is key to successful outcomes for companies starting on digital transformation whether is it rewriting legacy applications or building new applications. Our engineers differentiate themselves by being highly detail oriented, quality, cost and performance focused.

Application and Operations support

We provide highly cost effective model for providing multi-level application and operations support. Our support engineers are highly analytical with breadth of skills in APM tools like Dynatrace, AppD, DataDog, CloudWatch, log aggregators like Splunk, Sumo and Logstash and are experienced polyglot programmers and can support wide variety of systems. They are adept at scripting and are known to automate aggressively to reduce MTTR. Their superior problem and incident management skills are key drivers to increasing the application availability across the board.