About Unititech

About Us

Uniti Tech is a fast growing IT services and product company. We started off as an IT services company and are proud to add product development to our core mission. We are excited to launch our first ecommerce product in 4th QTR of 2020 . Learn more about our services and products.


Our mission is to be a trusted partner for providing world class IT services and products to our customers as means to delivering their business outcomes.

Engagement model

We are truly passionate in helping our customers succeed by providing world class IT services through our unique engagement models while keeping the costs optimal. We are able to offer a highly competitive cost model due to our ability to keep overheads to a bare minimum. Learn more about our engagement model.


We have worked very hard to establish a world class culture based on our core values of caring for people first, diversity and equality, vowing our customers, adaptability and flexibility to meet changes in our customers’ needs and technical excellence. Our consistently high associate engagement and record low attrition is a testimony to our efforts in constantly nurturing our culture. We truly take care of our associates via flexible work arrangements, office facilities which are envy of even the biggest multinationals, fun team building events, period training and unflinching support during personal emergencies .